So this happened.


We all know this moment from this Sugarscape interview:

Kate Lucey, SugarscapeSo who’s usually in front of who? And who usually kind of gets behind when you’re playing Mario?




So after it was released, “1DSugarscape” trended worldwide on Twitter. And Kate Lucey tweeted:


Bumming is slang for anal sex.


Anonymous asked:

Who is Gerg James? what is his relation with Louis?


i assume you mean greg james? hehe gerg sounds like a lumbering yet friendly giant from the legends of yore. aNYWAY, he is a radio 1 dj, and an absolute babe to boot, says things like “it’s nice to be nice" and is really rather lovely generally! his show’s always worth a listen. he also does some rather… spectacular spoof videos.

anYWAY, his relationship to louis is that they did a show together as part of the radio 1 takeover, which, if you haven’t listened to, is a fricking delight (much like how greg described louis afterwards) — you may listen here, or if you don’t fancy listening to it, here’s a truly stunning recap. greg also coaxed louis into playing the piano for him, and if that doesn’t make your soul ache with love for the contradictory wonder that is louis tomlinson, i don’t know what will! 




one of the best things about louis and greg, or grouis (im still taking credit for coining that one) is that there’s about a foot in height difference — do yOU SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE???



also they’re kinda flirty



he’s interviewed the whole band a couple of other times too, but another really notable louis/greg moment was this interview, in which greg got louis and niall to play out some 1d fanfiction. that he had written himself. dressed as nanas. it was so very good. oh and he respected the fourth wall, for which i don’t think we can ever be too grateful. do it more please media world!

in short though, they’re two really nice people who look really cute hugging each other, and get on pretty well!